DIPO is the leader in Russia in the production of
plastic fuel systems for cars,
with ecological standard of Euro5 and Euro6.


and improvement of

and long-term





LLC "DIPO" was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between the French company "Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy" (51%) and the Russian company Detalstroykonstruktsiya LLC (49%)

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Limited Liability Company "DSK Plastic Omnium Inergy" is a joint venture and was founded on March 30, 2012 by two companies:

Plastic Omnium

World leader in automotive plastic fuel systems Clean Energy Systems is a division of the Plastic Omnium group, and a leading supplier of tier 1 automotive components - fuel systems and emission control systems for car manufacturers. Headquartered in Laval, France, it employs over 33,000 people worldwide in 127 factories in 31 countries. Plastic Omnium, thanks to the Clean Energy Systems division, is at the forefront of new technologies, which is the main factor in competitiveness and success.

Detalstroykonstruktsiya (DSK)

DSK is positioned in the Russian auto components market as a dynamically developing enterprise, the main activities of which are the production of car interior parts and fuel system parts. The enterprise creates conditions for the design, development and diversification of production of new competitive types of products, increasing the efficiency of the innovation process at low production costs in order to gain and consolidate a leading position in the automotive components market. The enterprise contributes to the formation of the market orientation of personnel and the improvement of their key competencies, compliance with the social and moral - ethical values ​​of the personnel, consumer values.

DIPO products are plastic car fuel systems (fuel tanks) for the largest car concerns that assemble their cars in Russia. At the moment, DIPO has 3 production sites: Togliatti (on the territory of DSK LLC), Stavrovo town and St. Petersburg. At the moment, DIPO is the leading supplier of fuel systems for the automotive industry in Russia with a zero PPM defect for the Consumer.


Leading manufacturer of plastic fuel systems in Russia

operating performance indicators

The whole range of technologies
for the needs of the customer


Our mission is to continuously strengthen our position as a leading Tier 1 supplier in the production of plastic fuel systems. Through our global divisions, we deliver environmentally friendly and safe products that meet the technical and economic requirements of car manufacturers.


DIPO invests in R&D, design and development of facilities to maintain a leading position in Russia in the production of integrated plastic systems for storing, transporting, supplying and regulating fuel and vehicle fluids, and cares for the surrounding community through social initiatives.

To implement our strategy we use the standards and tools
ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001, IQSR, Lean production, MMOG / LE


Every 2nd car in the country is equipped with our tank


Plastic Omnium, the founder of DIPO LLC,
was the first to use extrusion blow molding
for the production of plastic fuel tanks. This makes it possible
to manufacture hollow plastic tanks with complex shapes
and relatively large dimensions. In the past 20 years, this technology
has become the leading technology for the production of automotive fuel tanks.

Today, over 70% of new vehicles are equipped
with plastic fuel systems.


To ensure adequate and consistent implementation of an occupational safety and health management system worldwide, The Auto Inergy division obliges all production sites to be certified for compliance with ISO 14001 "Environmental Management System" from independent accredited organizations.

Tools "5 Pillars of Plastic Omnium" and "Green Cross of Safety" are fundamental in the design of development and improvement programs.

Download DIPO Occupational Safety Policy Download Local application to IMS


An employee or counterparty can report
bribery, violation of antimonopoly laws,
accounting, internal regulations,
etc. by calling the HOT LINE NUMBER +7 (917) 126 48 68
, or in any convenient way. You can also contact our lawyer directly.

The company guarantees confidentiality of treatment
and legal protection in case of pressure.

Download DIPO Anti-Corruption Policy


We respect the environment
and are fully aware of our responsibility
to minimize the impact
of our production.

Download DIPO environmental Policy

All plastic from the production of fuel tanks is reused

We sort waste and collect batteries for further recycling

Our tanks Correspond to Euro 6 criteria

Our environmental policy